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Distribute like Wildfire

Managed service traffic acquisition (from Facebook) powered by AI generates more volume at less cpc than internal publisher teams and the competitive set

Bolt like Wildfire

Managed service dynamic CMS with revenue attribution offered to publishers under subdomain to generate profits.

Wildfire was founded by the team of media tech experts behind the unprecedented success of Boredom Therapy Group, one of the fastest growing media companies in recent times.

Wildfire leverages proprietary technology and sophisticated data tools, along with the art of specialized content strategist, to drive and monetize massive audiences to premium content via Facebook.

We understand the pain points of audience development for online publishers and designed systems and tools to easily make it scalable and profitable… not a cost center.

Publishers often treat audience development as traffic acquisition alone, but it is a far more complex practice requiring a true data science company dedicated to the benefit of publishers with a cohesive platform using sophisticated datatools to understand the business impact of the intersection of content, layout, readers and advertising technologies. That’s Wildfire!

We’ve mastered the complexities of digital publishing and content generation. Our tools understand and react to the performance of digital content across millions of engagement moments, and optimize every element along the way.

Wildfire’s dramatic results are made possible by five interlocking systems that work both independently and in concert. The holistic outcome creates a new industry standard for extracting value from content, enabling publishers and brands to succeed in a challenging digital world.

Audience Development


We are committed to stand by the digital publishers community, supporting their independence and freedom by developing state of the art technology and services to extract value from digital content.

Who is buying readers?

Why publishers buy readers?

Traffic Acquisition Challenges

Feedback from publishers

  • We are not buy side experts
  • No clear ROI: Revenue attribution is too difficult: delayed or expensive to generate
  • Quality traffic  at scale is expensive
  • Some traffic sources riddled with NHT and high bounce rate
  • Landing pages with dynamic content and ad placement expansive to create


"The team behind Wildfire understands the full set of attributes that drive strong brands. Top publishers who want to extend their footprint with relevant audiences should look no further."

Samir Rao

Co-founder at OZY Media Group

“In our industry, partnerships are most effective when they are driven by data with continual measurement and optimization. The Wildfire team embodies this like no other!”

Evan Appleby

CEO and Founder at PubExchange

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