Our dramatic results are made possible by five interlocking systems that work both separately and in concert. The holistic outcome creates a new industry standard for extracting value from content, enabling publishers and brands to succeed in a challenging digital world.

Attribution Science™

We can actually determine the value of multiple, complex combinations of millions of users as they interact with any individual unit of content, in real time. Value can be any combination of engagement, revenue, and/or the behaviors of users — as defined for each campaign.


The Refiner™

Every major publisher at least A/B tests their content — but that alone is woefully inadequate today. That’s why we created The Refiner. It takes techniques formerly available to only the most sophisticated ecommerce players, and brings them to digital publishing. We can measure the impact of any change – among thousands – based on the campaign’s goals.


Central Command™

Our campaign management technology plugs into all relevant social and native channels which enables us to quickly achieve profound efficiency and scale. We create and launch thousands of campaigns supporting hundreds of stories, delivering tens of millions of visits at costs difficult for even the most sophisticated publishers to obtain.


Bidding Brain™

This advanced bidding system orchestrates and interacts with all our systems, using machine learning and AI to continually drive performance. It identifies what’s working and understands the value of each of those variations for different audiences at different times. That’s value creation on the most sophisticated level.


Content Driver™

Even the smallest copy and design changes can have massive impact. To achieve peak performance, we use a combination of advanced machine learning and some human learning, too. Our massive database of historical performance tracks millions of creative variations and audience insights, so each campaign begins with an enormous head-start.